Psalm 19 (Heartbeat of Heaven)

“May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to You, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.” – Psalm 19:14 (NLT)

The prayer that has been on my heart all day long. This weekend was a busy one in many different ways, including a transition in jobs. And today as I started at my new work place, these words were what I carried with me through my shift. The words I still am carrying in my heart as I type this.

Interesting thing about the two underline words is found when looking at the original Hebrew used for them. It paints such an awesomely beautiful picture of the deeper truth that David was conveying in this Psalm.

The Hebrew used for “words” here can be translated as the commands, or the decrees/dictates. David is saying, “Let the things that I command with my mouth, let them be decrees and dictations that are pleasing to the Lord. Let them be made with one purpose and one goal in mind: to please the Lord God in all things.”

My personal favorite though is the Hebrew for “meditation”. It means the resounding music. So not only is David wanting the things that he commands to be pleasing to the Lord, but the songs of the heart, the music that flows from his inmost being, he wants this also to be a pleasing offering to the Lord. (See Strong’s Concordance for more info).

Even deeper, the two go hand in hand. They stand separate, yes, but they also stand together as an arrow for those who read it. True, genuine worship that is pleasing to the Lord is the kind of worship when we get the sound of Heaven deep in our hearts, which releases a resounding song in our hearts that flows out of us as the decrees and commands of God. They are in tune with one another. Complimenting each other. They are not in opposition to each other, but they work together as one.

This is the heartbeat of Heaven. This is how we walk in the confidence of the Lord, our Rock and Redeemer. For when we walk in this confidence, we can not help but lift up a song to the Lord that is released with the authority of Heaven.

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