Psalm 9 (The Avenger)

“Sing praises to the Lord who reigns in Jerusalem. Tell the world about His unforgettable deeds. For He who avenges murder cares for the helpless. He does not ignore the cries of those who suffer.” – Psalm 9:11-12 (NLT)

As I was initially reading through this today, I had every intention to write about praise to the Lord. To write about praising the Lord simply to praise Him for what He has done, and to not just praise Him for what we can get from Him. Purity of praise. But as I was reflecting back over the reading, I began to feel the Lord stirring my heart and speaking to me concerning those who have been murdered, the helpless, and the suffering. Specifically, to speak on the US and the mass genocide we have done through the murdering process of abortion. And I feel such a strong warning to the people, both in the church and those living in the nation as a whole.

“He who avenges murder”

The blood of the innocent cries out to the Lord. Just as the innocent blood of Abel cried out to God when Cain murdered him, so the same is true today. We have blood on our hands, and a lot of it. This nation cried out on behalf of those who are seemingly oppressed and afflicted, those who suffer from what has been labeled “social injustices” and “discrimination,” yet the cries grow silent when faced with the conversation of the babies in the womb. What hypocrisy! This is true both inside the walls of the church and outside. In fact, those who know the Truth, those within the church, they are more guilty than those outside because we know the Truth. Despite having a knowledge of the Truth though, the majority have chosen silence. They have chosen to appear ignorant in order that they might not become uncomfortable, or to avoid offending people. Or, as I have seen much of in the realm of the church I grew up in, they believe it to be a political issue that the church should stay out of, so they remain silent. When did the conversation of life become a political thing?

Yes, Roe v. Wade was overturned, which is absolutely amazing! And those who stood in the gap and have been fighting this for years, their reward will be great in Heaven. But abortion still goes on. This was not the end all for abortion, but merely the catalyst that ignited the forces of hell to push back with a vengeance. So this fight is far from over. The enemy will not easily let go of that which has been used as worship to himself. He will fight with everything he has. And because of this, the cries of the helpless, the cries of those suffering children, their blood is screaming out to the Lord. The innocent blood of all the children who have been murdered.

Which gets me to the warning I feel so strongly in my heart. The Avenger will not let this go unanswered. He has given time for us to change our ways, to make things right. But that time is soon to be gone. The window is very rapidly closing, if not already closed. The Lord has held back the streams of His vengeance because of His patience, giving time to correct our course. But He will not hold back any longer. Judgement is coming upon those who are guilty and whose hands are stained with blood. And His judgement will start with those who have claimed to be His people, yet stood idly by and did nothing. His judgement will begin with those who refused to speak up for Truth because they didn’t want to be uncomfortable, or offend, or simply didn’t see the need. It will start here, in the midst of those who have claimed to be His followers, yet deny His Truth by their actions.

But it will not end there. Long has this nation stained its streets with the blood of innocent lives, while allowing evil to run rampant in its wake. Too long has this Babylon been allowed to wreak havoc on itself and the nations because of her wickedness. We have already been tasting some of the fruit, but soon the full fury of the Lord will be unleashed against her. Unless she repents and turns from her wickedness, she will be destroyed. Unless she chooses the same path of repentance as Nineveh, the Lord will not hold back.

Now a caution to those who have stood in the gap and fought the good fight against this monstrosity. Do not weep over the Lord’s judgement. Weeping over the judgement would indicate a heart posture towards the Lord that His judgement is not just. That it is not right. Instead, pray that you would not be swept away by it. Pray that the Lord would plant you firm. And pray that the Lord would highlight any area of repentance that is necessary within you so that you might be found innocent and righteous before Him.

“Arise, O Lord! Do not let mere mortals defy You! Judge the nations! Make them tremble in fear, O Lord. Let the nations know they are merely human.” – Psalm 9:19-20

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