I feel like there are so many people out there, both professing believers and unbelievers alike, who have questions about this thing called being a follower of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, we have many in our church society that discourage the asking of questions for different reasons, which causes more harm than good. Because of this, I have heard many stories of people walking away from their faith because the pressure of not being able ask questions became too much for them.

So with that in mind, what questions do you have (or know that others have) that you would like to gain understanding on? Let this be a safe space for these questions, because questions lead to the gaining of understanding.

I look forward to reading and diving into them!

One thought on “Questions?

  1. The number one question I hear people ask is “Why do bad things happen to good people?” Another in the same vein is, “If God is LOVE, why does He allow evil things to happen”? I’ll think some more on this and if I come up with any more, I’ll add them here.


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